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Meglioli Wine Kits
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Introducing the Premiere Wine Kit that provides you with the opportunity to craft a very special batch, as close as kit can come tomaking wine from grapes! Signature corks and labels included.
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Meglioli Shiraz Wine Kit BCME3318 Meglioli International Quartet Wine Kit BCME85 Meglioli Finger Lakes Riesling Wine Kit BCME19
Meglioli Shiraz Wine Kitt Meglioli International Quartet Wine Kit Meglioli Finger Lakes Riesling Wine Kit
Along with its dark colors and tints, experience the flavors and aromas of dark skinned fruits such as; blueberries, blackberries, and plums all accompanied with a soft woody and smokey scent to finalize the pleasure within your nostrils. This wine is full, round, and soft in the mouth while having great acidity matched with fine and long tannins. A classic symphony comprised of Californian Cab, Chilean Carmenere, Italian Merlot and Washington Cabernet Franc. Bright red cherries, dark chocolate and peppers on the palate with hits of cloves and spices on the nose. A unique dry Riesling with mineral notes on the nose and notes of citrus, apples and fresh fruit on the palate, brought together by a crisp and refreshing acidity.