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Wine Making Equipment specifically for Production from Fresh Grapes
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Barrel Sealing Wax Lid only for 12 gal Fermenter Fermenter Bucket Lid White 25 gal

Made from natural beeswax. Enough for one to three 5L barrels.

Approximately 1.5" x 1.5" x 1"

Lid Only for Ribbed White Fermenter 12 gallon, food grade plastic. Note: lid does not make airtight seal.

Made of food grade plastic, This lid fits the 25 gallon wine fermenter.

Fermenter Bucket Lid 20 gal Barrel Food Grade Plastic 14 gal Fermenting Bucket 12gal
LID FOR 20 GALLON FERMENTING BUCKET Sealable Food Grade Barrel Ferment / Store 53 liter/14 gal, gasketed lid with metal locking ring band.
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Made of food grade plastic, this 12 gallon wine fermenter is ideal for grapes or spirit mashes and will hold around 75 lbs of must.

Dimensions: 21” tall x 15” wide at top tapering to 12.5 at bottom.

Barrel Food Grade 30 gal Fermenter Bucket White 25 gal Fermenting Tub Lid 300 Liter
Sealable food Grade Barrel Ferment / Store 114 liter/30 gallon, gasketed lid and locking ring.
Can install grommet or stopper for addition of airlock. Call for Shipping Arrangements

Made of food grade plastic, This 25 gallon wine fermenter is great for grapes and will hold around 150 lbs of must.

Lid sold separately

Lid for 300 Liter Fermenting Tub
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Barrel Food Grade 58 gal Fermenting Tub Lid 500 Liter Fermenting Tub 110 Liter
Sealable food Grade Barrels Ferment/Store 220 liter/58 gallon, gasketed lid and locking ring.
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Fermenting Tub Lid 500 Liter - Lid Only
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110 Liter Fermenting Tub
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Press SS screw type 1 Liter Oak Barrel(0.26. gal)  Medium Toast Fermenting Tub Rolling Stand
Fruit Press, 1.3L Stainless Steel basket, painted body. Use for cheese, herbs, fruit & more! Balazs New Hungarian Oak Barrel 1L 0.26 gallon
Custom Fermenting Tub Rolling Stand
Fermenting Tub 225 Liter 2 Liter Oak Barrel(0.53. gal)  Medium Toast New American White Oak Barrel 5L (1.32gal)
225 liter fermenting tub
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Balazs New Hungarian Oak Barrel 2L 0.53 gallon
Demijohn 54 liter Fermenting Tub 300 Liter Fermenting Tub 275 Liter
Demi John 54 liter, 14.3 gallons. Please note: This is an oversize item, please contact us for the actual shipping costs.
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300 liter fermenting tub. Dimensions: 35" diameter x 28" high
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275 liter fermenting tub
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Fermenting Tub 350 Liter 5 Liter Oak Barrel (1.32 gal)  Medium Toast Barrel Oak 3 Gal
350 Liter Fermenting Tub
or 92 gallons, 17 lugs of fresh grapes
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Balazs New Hungarian Oak Barrel 5L 1.32 gallon

Barrel Oak 3 Gallon / 12 Liter, special 'SCT' charr, medium.

Crusher Destemmer stand painted Oak Barrel  Medium Char 5 gal Balazs New Hungarian Oak Barrel 10L

Oak Barrel  Medium Char 5 gal Balazs New Hungarian Oak Barrel 10L 3 gallons

Due to the tight grain and slow release of phenolic compounds, you can store your wine in Hungarian barrels longer than you can with other barrels. The slow process of micro oxygenation rounds the wine while various compounds in the wood such hemicellulose, lipids, and lignins are slowly integrated.

As most barrel makers know, the best source of wood for wine barrels is the oak grown in the territory of old-time Hungary, known as Slavonian oak. This rare, high-quality oak can be found in the Zemplén Mountains and in the Tokaj oak woods. The specific type of oak in those territories, and what is used in Balazs barrels, is the Quercus Petrea. This oak is characterised by a dense, hard structure combined with extra flavor. Forestry workers look after these forests with considerable expertise, and the forest density ratio in Hungary is 20–24%, with selective logging taking place between November and April. Once the wood is sourced, it is air dried and aged for 24-28 months before cooperage.

Balázs Barrels is establishing a direct cooperation with the forestry workers, ensuring the continuous supply of the best quality oak, allowing them to source and work with the most excellent oak for wine barrel manufacturing from the foremost Hungarian forests.

  • 10 L (2.64 gal)
  • Height - 13.58"
  • Head Diameter - 8.26"
  • Abdomen Diameter - 10.23"
  • Stave Thickness - 0.51 - 0.71"
  • Bung Hole - 20 mm
  • Empty Weight - 9.9 lbs
  • Mild Toast
  • Barrel hoops made from zinc-plated steel for corrosion resistance
Press Metal Tabletop 6 Gallon Oak Barrel (23 liter) Medium Toast Crusher Manual painted

Our Table Top Fruit Press is easy to use, just dump your crushed fruit into the basket; sit the pressing plate on top of the fruit and screw down the rod to apply pressure.

Balazs New Hungarian Oak Barrel 20L 5.28 gallon