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Beer Grains

Grains are an essentially ingredient in part of the beer brewing process. Most of the world's beers contain barely as the base malt but by adding other types of grains including oats, rye, wheat, etc you can alter the final taste of your beer.
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Flaked Corn Maize 1oz Flaked Oats 1oz Flaked Rye 1oz
Flaked Barley 1oz Rice Hulls 1 lb Muntons Wheat Dry Malt Extract DME 1 lb
Wheat Malt English 1 lb Crystal 60 lovibond 1oz Torrefied Wheat 1 lb
Wheat Malt Raw Unmalted 1 Lb Crystal 150 Malt 1oz English Chocolate Malt 1 LB
American 6 Row Malt 1 lb Crystal 45 Malt 1oz Abbey (Belgian Aromatic) Malt 1 lb
Coffee Malt 1 lb beechwood smoked malt Black Barley 1lb
Honey Malt 1lb Cara Malt 15LB 1lb Special B Malt 1 lb
Crystal 80 malt 1oz midnight wheat malt Cara Red Malt 1 lb
Fawcett Optic Malt 1 lb Brown Malt 1 lb pearl malt
Ireland Lager Malt irish ale malt 1 lb Simpsons Peated Malt 1 lb