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Wine Making Supplies

The Home Brew Barn carries one of the largest selections of wine making supplies in the Seacoast. Having the proper supplies when making wine is an important part of the wine making process.

To get started making wine you'll need:
  • Wine Making Cleaning Supplies- all wine making equipment should be properly sterilized to keep your wine free of bacteria and other harmful contaminants. 
  • Wine Making Containers- Throughout the wine making process you'll need a few different containers including a large plastic bucket for fermentation and a glass carboy to transfer the wine into.
  • Miscellaneous wine making supplies- There are a few smaller essentially items you need to make wine as well as a handful of other equipment that you will find will make the wine making process easier. To start, you'll want to ensure you have a stopper and a airlock for the carboy as well as siphoning tubes and a funnel to take the wine from the carboy and into the bottles.
  • Wine bottles and Corks- Bottles and corks should be purchased for storing your wine until its ready to drink.

Rubber Wine Stoppers
Wide selection of rubber wine stoppers more info
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Double Bubble Airlock 3 Piece Airlock Strain Bag Fine Mesh Small Nylon
Strain Bag Coarse Small Nylon Large Fine Mesh Strainer Bag 18 3/4" X 19" Flat Bottom Nylon Strain Bag Coarse 20" X 22"
Plastic Paddle 24" 7.8 Gallon Lid Only D&G 5223 De-Gassing Rod
Jug Gallon clear w/handle Carboy 6 Gallon Premium glass 6.5 Gallon Glass Carboy
Carboy Handle, for 6.5 & 7 gal. carboys carboy cap Carboy Dryer
Funnel nylon 5" Funnel 8" extra screen for funnel #35 mesh
Funnel nylon 10" Funnel Anti-Splash 8" Funnel Screen Course
extra strainer for 12" funnel 24" Curved Racking Cane Fast Flow Fill Kit
Siphon Stem Holder Cone Auto Siphon 3/8 autosiphon Auto Siphon 1/2 autosiphon
Auto Siphon 3/8" Mini autosiphon Bucket Spigot Spigot Italian