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Winemaking Ingredient Kits

Wine making kits and wine starter kits include all the wine making ingredients you need to start making wine at home. Wine making kits are a great way to start making wine because they include all the ingredients and instructions in one box. Some wine kits require little or no aging which can beneficial because you can drink your wine in as little as four weeks! Most wine kits make 6 gallons of wine.

To shop by brand, please see our shop wine kits by brand section. Shopping by brand will allow you to learn about the different types of wine kits and what makes each different and unique.

Below you will find all the wine making kits that we carry at The Home Brew Barn.
6 Gallon Wine Ingredient Kits 3 Gallon Wine Ingredient Kits One Gallon Wine Ingredient and Equipment Kits
6 Gallon Wine Ingredient Kits
Major Brands including wide selection of whites and reds.
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3 Gallon Wine Ingredient Kits more info
One Gallon Wine Equipment and Indredient Kits - everything you need! more info
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Turbinado Sugar 1 lb Chardonnay Wine Kit 1 gallon CALIFORNIA MOSCATO  Wine Kit 1 gallon
Merlot Wine Kit 1 gallon CALIFORNIA PINOT NOIR   Wine Kit 1 gallon Pinot Grigio Wine Kit 1 gallon
Cabernet Sauvignon WineXpert Wine Kit 1 gallon Cabernet Sauvignon My Wine Co Wine Kit 1 gallon MiVino Sauvignon Blanc
Island Mist Exotic Fruits Pineapple Pear Pinot Grigio Orchard Breezin' Green Apple Delight wine kit Orchard Breezin' Peach Perfection wine kit
Orchard Breezin' Raspberry Rose wine kit Orchard Breezin' Strawberry Sensation wine kit Orchard Breezin' Very Black Cherry wine kit
Orchard Breezin' Wild Watermelon wine kit Orchard Breezin' Pomegranate Wildberry Wave wine kit Orchard Breezin' Seville Orange Sangria wine kit
Orchard Breezin' Acai Raspberry Rapture wine kit Orchard Breezin Blueberry Bliss wine kit Orchard Breezin Tropical Lime Wine Kit
Island Mist Exotic Fruits Raspberry Dragonfruit Shiraz Island Mist Black Cherry Pinot Noir Wine Kit Island Mist Cranberry Pinot Gris
Island Mist Blackberry Cabernet Island Mist Strawberry White Merlot Island Mist Peach Apricot Chardonnay
Orchard Breezin' Blackberry Blast wine kit Orchard Breezin' Cranberry Craze Wine Kit Island Mist Blueberry Pinot Noir Ldhar011