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Brewing Beer FAQ Making Home Brew Beer
Common Brewing Beer FAQ

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Making Home Brew Beer
There are lots of ways to make home brew beer. The most basic way to make home brew beer is using a home brewing beer kit. With a beer kit you can make beer in four easy steps. The below steps are the most basic steps that apply to any home brewing experience. More advanced brewing may require additional steps, but this will give you the basic over view of how to make home brew beer. 

make home brew beer

1. Preparation 
Gather all your materials, beer brewing equipment, brew brewing supplies, and ingredients together. Clean and sanitize all beer brewing equipment.

2. Get Brewing
Combine all ingredients. Ingredients are combined in boiling water and transfered into a fermentation container with additional water. The next step, is to pitch the yeast (simply add yeast to the beer) the brewing process has begun and fermentation will begin within 24 hours and continue there after for several days.

3. Bottling
Following the fermentation period, beer is siphoned into a bottling bucket, sugar is added to carbonate the beer and the beer should then be transfered into bottles (sanitized of course) and then capped.

4. Aging
Within a month after bottling, the beer should be ready. You can usually sample the beer before 4 weeks, but extended aging improves quality and balance in a home-brewed beer. 

5. Drink Beer!
You are now ready to drink your home brew beer and share with all your friends and family! 

Get started making home brewed beer! At The Home Brew Barn we make it easy to get started with our home brewing ingredient kits, equipment kits, or complete kits. 

Beer Ingredient Kits- Beer ingredient kits are home brewing kits that include all the beer ingredients you need to start making home brew beer. We offer a range of kit types (malt extract, grain kits, clone brews, etc). B

Complete Home Brewing Kits- Complete home brewing beer kits combine both ingredients and all the equipment you'll need to start home brewing. 
Making Home Brew Beer FAQ

1. Is Making Home Brew Beer Difficult?
Not at all! Anyone who can follow a recipe can make beer. However, like any new adventure there are basic things to learn. These things can be found in a book, or on the internet, but we suggest you take a Introduction to Home Brew class 

2. Is taking a home brew class a big commitment?
Classes are one session and take approximately two hours and cost $25.

3. Do you have to take a class to make beer?
No, you do not. However, by taking a introduction to home brewing class you'll experience superior results. THis is largely due to the fact that you'll actually see and experience how beer is made. Seeing all of the equipment and supplies and how they are utilize maximizes your success. 

4. How much of my time will home brewing take?
Most extract beers can be made in two hours or less. When you make the first batch, it may take a little longer because you are learning the process and setting up your "brew kitchen"

5. Do I need a special area to make home brew beer?
No, it can be made, fermented and bottled right in your kitchen. To brew the worth (unfermented beer) all you need is a normal size work area, stovetop and sink. THe wort ferments in a container the size of a water cooler bottle. 

6. How much beer would I make at a time?
The typical "batch" of beer is 5 gallons, or 2 cases of 12 ounce bottles. 3 gallon batches are also common and yield 3 six-packs. You can make batches of just about any size. 

7. Is it expensive to make you own beer?
It will cost you between $0.60 cent and $1.50 per bottle depending on the style of beer you make. The Home Brew Barn offers various beer making equipment kits. These kits range from basic to complete. The inexpensive basic kit gets you started, and you can add or change equipment as you go. The complete kit has everything you need to make your first batch of beer.

8. Is it legal for me to make beer?
Yes, it has been legal since 1978. A head of household over the age of 21 (adult) can make up to 100 gallons of beer a year. Two adults can make 200 gallons- that's nearly 100 cases of beer! 
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