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Home Brew Soda is a great fun and easy activity for the entire family. We carry all the equipment, supplies and soda extracts you need to start making your own soda right at home. Favorites include ginger soda, cheery soda and Sarsaparilla. Home Brew Soda today!

Check out our soda kits which include all the equipment and ingredients you need to start making home brewed soda today.

Equipment to make soda Ingredients to make soda
3.5 Gallon bucket w/lid & spigot Soda extract
Bottles and caps Yeast

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CO2 Soda Regulator Barb CO2 Regulator 160 PSI CO2 Soda Regulator
Homebrew soda kit home brew soda kit Ginger Beer Ingredient Kit
soda kit Homemade Root Beer Ginger Soda Extract 2 oz
Orange Soda Extract 2 oz Sarsaparilla Soda Extract Cream Soda Extract
Raspberry Soda Extract 2 oz Root Beer Soda Extract 2 oz Cherry Soda Extract 2 oz
Birch Soda Extract 2 oz Draw Tube Brush 1/4" x 36"