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All Grain Brewing

All grain brewing is the process of brewing beer using grain vs. malt extract and allows brewers to use a wider range of ingredients and have more control over the brewing process. All grain brewing requires special equipment and supplies to complete the brewing process, The Home Brew Barn is your source for all grain brewing with a wide selection of grains to choose from and all the equipment and supplies you need including brew pots, mash tuns, sparge arms, mash systems and more!

The All Grain Brewing process can be broken down in the following steps:

1. Mashing: Crush grains/malts are mashed in a heated mash tun using hot water or an external heat source

2. Sparging: The wort is extracted from the crushed grains by running hot water through them using a screen filter

3. Boil: Hops are added and the wort is then boiled

4. Cooling: Wort is cooled and siphoned preparing it for the fermentation process

5. Pitch & Fermenting: yeast is added and the beer ferments

6. Bottling and Kegging: Once the beer has fermented (avg 7-14 days) priming sugar is added to the finished beer and it can be bottled or Kegged
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