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Leaf Hops - the whole cone or flower.
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Simcoe Leaf Hops 2 oz Citra Leaf Hops 1 oz Cascade Leaf Hops 2 oz
whole leaf hops - unique and piny
Pal ales, IPA, Double IPA, American Ale
alpha: 13.0% Beta: 4.0%
Citra (US) Leaf Hops 1 oz . One of the most popular citrus hops on the market.
Citrus flavors of lime, grapefruit and other tropical fruits.
(American) Flowery and Citrusy can have grapefuit notes. Primarily a
flavor and aroma finishing hop. A favorite for American Ales and Lagers.Average Alpha: 4.5-7.0%
Mosaic Leaf Hops Citra Whole Leaf 1 lb
Daughter of Simcoe, Alpha Acid 11.5 - 13.5. Powerful combination of pine and fruit. Earthy, grassy, herbal, citrus, cedar, tropical, spice and stone fruit. Whole cone hops are typically the prefered format for dry hopping as they maintain contact with the beer by floating, they are easier to remove than pellets and they add a unique character to the beer.