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Flaked Rice 1oz
Flaked Rice 1oz
Provides more fermentables without increasing body and flavor.


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Brown Rice Flakes 1 ounce.
  • Rice Flakes have been produced specifically for brewing, developing characteristics necessary for
  • easy and efficient use in a brewhouse. The process of gelatinizing makes the starches readily soluble and digestible
  • by the naturally occurring enzymes in barley malt. This allows the flakes to be incorporated directly into the mash with
  • other grains.
  • • Because flakes have a large surface area and are pre-cooked, they hydrate and disintegrate quickly. Filtration time
  • will be normal.
  • • There is no need to mill Rice Flakes. However, they can be put through the mill if that is the easiest means of adding
  • them to the mash.
  • • Pregelatinized Rice Flakes are made from medium-grain rice and produce a light, clean and crisp characteristic to the
  • finished beer.
  • • Use a slightly lower conversion temperature and extend the conversion time 15 minutes to obtain maximum efficiency.
  • • Use up to 40% as a cereal adjunct in the total grist

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